Fine art can become damaged by poor, dry air - but humidity dramatically improves the condition of artwork?

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Why Humidify

We can’t all live near the coast or in areas where humidity levels are always ideal. So it’s important to recreate similar conditions in our homes, especially during winter months when we have to live with forced, dry air for long periods.

Our patented line of furnace-mount humidifiers provides many benefits that have positive effects on health, home and the environment.

Your Health

We need water to feel good and be healthy. In fact, our skin’s top layer must ideally contain 20-35% water to remain soft and pliable. Without enough moisture, skin will shrivel and crack. The Desert Spring Humidifier systems will improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), help to relieve dry, itchy skin, allergies and respiratory problems as well as improve hair and complexion. Quite simply, you’ll breathe easier, sleep better and feel healthier.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) as well as the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) both recommend an indoor humidity setting of between 30-50% for optimum indoor air quality (IAQ) levels.

Your Home

If your home is dry, gaps may appear in your hardwood floors, table-tops may shrink slightly, wooden furniture may crack and pianos can lose pitch as wood adjusts to temperature and humidity changes. Our line of humidifier systems will reduce the chance of permanently damaging your precious possessions and also reduce the build-up of static electricity.

The Environment

Our humidification systems are uniquely water efficient and yet highly effective. Our top-of-the line patented rotary disc humidifier is 100% water efficient, producing 1 gallon of humidity for 1 gallon of water, uses very little energy and has a long-life cleanable evaporative media. For those who prefer the convenience of disposable evaporative media, our patented pulsed flow-through humidifier saves up to 80% of the water used by ordinary flow-through humidifiers.

In addition to saving water, you’ll save energy (and money) on your heating requirements as humidified air feels warmer to the occupant which allows for a slightly lower the temperature setting on your home thermostat while maintaining the desired comfort level.

Your Choice

Desert Spring Products offers a choice of humidifiers to meet every homeowner’s needs at a price that is right for them. From our 100 % water efficient, top-of-the line revolutionary by-pass humidification system with rotary disc patented technology to our latest addition – pulsed flow-through humidifier which saves up to 80% of the water used by ordinary flow-through humidifiers to our affordable and cost-effective drum-style unit, Desert Spring Products has a humidifier that’s the right choice to fit any budget and application.